Minnesota: Austin Police Officer Jeff McCormack noted for making hundreds of DWI arrests while state has little chance of running out of boozedroid idiots who drive after drinking

From Post Bulliten
Austin has its very own “DWI Enforcer All-Star.”
Austin police officer Jeff McCormack was named last month as one of the state’s 31 top DWI enforcers. He was one of 16 recognized as Greater Minnesota All-Stars.
It was the fifth DWI Enforcer All-Star squad, presented by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety. All-stars were selected for outstanding service in enforcement and in prosecution of impaired driving. They were honored at a Minnesota Twins game a couple weeks ago.
McCormack was recognized at the July 2 Austin City Council meeting. He has worked the night shift for more than 15 years and for his career he’s made between 800 and 900 DWI arrests, said Austin Police Capt. David McKichan. In the past 10 years, McCormack has made about 540 DWI arrests and 43 in 2011 alone, McKichan said.
“Within our county, Jeff is responsible for one out of every six DWI arrests, which is a phenomenal number,” McKichan said. “Jeff’s very attuned, he’s very good at it. He has a great eye for the impaired driver.”   ….MORE