New York: Dec. 29, 1977 — boozehound had a big party at Irish bar (Ryan’s Starry Plough) and then he left and plowed into car killing mother and two children

Why did the barmaid at this bar fail to cut off this intoxicated patron, fail to take his keys, fail to call police?  MONEY TALKS! He was spending money.  Its all about greed. 

From Times Union

Sitting in his village of Nassau patrol car that night, Officer Bill Dikant heard a call crackling over the police radio summoning a medical examiner to the scene of a car crash on Route 9J.
“It’s a bad one,” he said to himself.
Later that night, his sergeant called him back to the station and gave him the news: his wife and three children were being rushed to a hospital by ambulance.
They had been in one of the wrecked cars. This was Dec. 29, 1979, a frozen night that remains frozen in Dikant’s memory.
Thursday night, he recalled the horror and the anger that still lingers as he joined a panel of victims of drunken drivers, victims who told their anguishing tales to an audience that included those convicted of DWI. ….MORE
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