New York: NFL’s Goodell tells all 32 teams to keep their drunken players on the field and off the roads

From Slam Sports
Commissioner Roger Goodell sent a memo to all 32 teams asking them to reinforce the dangers of driving while impaired.
In light of recent DUI incidents, Goodell is expected to seek harsh penalties for players charged in alcohol-related incidents. At present, players are fined the equivalent of a game check up to $50,000, but Goodell hopes to increase the punishment as part of the new substance-abuse policy. That policy would be enacted when the league and NFLPA find middle ground in their ongoing debate on HGH testing.
The memo, published by CBS Sports, also instructs team officials to remind players to avoid “trouble spots and places that don’t provide adequate security” but “don’t try to provide your own security by carrying a weapon.”
The memo reads:
“There have been several negative law enforcement incidents in recent months involving both players and non-player employees. These incidents primarily have involved alcohol or drug-related offenses, specifically driving while impaired.  ….MORE

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