Pennsylvania: Renee Nacy walked away from spectacular wreck witnessed by two troopers; not likely to walk away from DUI conviction

From Post Gazette
A woman who police said was driving under the influence is alive after an  early morning crash on Route 28 that flipped her car and set it on fire, state  police said today.

Renee Nacy, 46, of Creighton was driving her 2012 Kia around 1 a.m. on Route  28 northbound in Harmar Township when she failed to negotiate a lefthand curve;  her vehicle went off the roadway into a 2-foot ditch, according to state  police.

Ms. Nacy then drove along the hillside for approximately 75 feet; the vehicle  then rode along the guard rail for another 111 feet, police said.

The Kia then overturned onto its driver’s side and slid for about 30 feet on  the shoulder and then another 128 feet on the roadway before turning onto its  roof; it continued sliding down the road on its roof, sending sparks flying, …..MORE

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