Texas: hospital chairman blew into ignition interlock for his boozing son


SAN ANTONIO – The chairman of University Health System is caught on camera blowing into his son’s court ordered DWI intoxilyzer.
But Dr. Roberto Jimenez claims he didn’t know what he was doing.
I spoke with someone who’s close to this case.  When they heard Dr. Jimenez was claiming ignorance, their response was, “Oh, please!”
The respected and politically connected local psychiatrist says he had no clue what the strange black device, with a mouthpiece sticking out of it, was when his son called and asked him to blow into it last October.
Apparently, he also didn’t notice the camera pointed at him while he huffed and puffed into the thing.
Bexar County probation records show the intoxilyzer was issued to Jose Jimenez after his arrest for his second drunk driving charge.
When I asked Dr. Jimenez about the incident he told me, “No I didn’t, I didn’t really know what it was”.
His son told a probation officer a different story.
According to the probation records, “because the device was going to lockout (if he did not take the scheduled breath test) his father blew for him”

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