Texas: Rosemary Lehmberg to arresting officer: “I don’t care who you are but take these *$# damn handcuffs off me. Now! I mean like now! I am not drunk. I am not a criminal. I’m the *&$ damn district attorney!”

From My Fox Austin

Rosemary Lehmberg’s DWI arrest. You’ve seen what happened inside the jail,  now we’re getting a look at her actions along the roadway.

Dash camera video shows the Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg  on the side off FM 620 swaying and stumbling while a witness describes her  reckless driving to deputies.

Deputy: “She went into oncoming traffic?”

Witness: “She did.”

As shown on this dash camera video, deputies escort Lehmberg to a paved lot  to perform a sobriety test.

Deputy: “How much did you have to drink?”

Lehmberg: “I had a couple drinks.”

Deputy: “What did you have?”

Lehmberg: “Vodka.”

Deputy: “Straight vodka? Vodka cranberry something like that?”

Lehmberg: “Vodka and soda.”

Lehmberg tells the deputy that she had those drinks at a friend’s house off  Enfield in Austin. Her story would later change at the jail.

Lehmberg from jail video released last Friday, “I went to a movie at Lakeway.  I had a couple glasses of wine at the movie. That’s all I had. I wasn’t driving  erratically. They pulled me over and it’s not true.”

Back to the dash camera video, Lehmberg gets ready to walk the line. She  makes several attempts, often losing her balance and having to lean on  deputies.

Lehmberg: “I’m fine. Leave me alone.” ….MORE

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