Wisconsin: Daniel P. Consolo, of Woodstock, Ill., will face charges of DWI homicide; police say he was out driving with his pals when he crashed and killed Kevin D. Green

Kevin D. Green killed in DWI wreck 061913

Kevin D. Green…killed by his pal as they cruised on the highway loaded for bear…RIDE WITH A DRUNK DRIVER, BUY A TICKET TO YOUR OWN FUNERAL!

From Lake Geneva News
ELKHORN — A Woodstock man has been arrested and charges are being referred to the Walworth County District Attorney’s Office following a crash on Saturday, June 15 in the town of Walworth.

Daniel P. Consolo, 24, faces possible charges of Operating While Intoxicated — Homicide and Causing Injury by Intoxicated Use of a Motor Vehicle, according to the Walworth County Sheriff’s Office.

Kevin D. Green, 21, of Wonder Lake, Ill., and Fontana was killed in the crash of a 2004 Jeep Wagoneer, allegedly driven by Consolo. ….MORE


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