Arizona: nearly 3 dozen who went out to play on our highways, while drunk, got caught never paid their fines or bothered to show up in court…they got rounded up and tossed in the Slammer!

From AZ
More than 30 DUI offenders who failed to show up in court or pay their fines were arrested Thursday as part of a multi-agency roundup.
The Arizona Department of Public Safety, one of five law-enforcement agencies involved, expects the number of arrests to reach 50 by the end of the day Thursday, according to department spokesman Bart Graves.
DPS and officers from Phoenix, Scottsdale and Surprise police departments and the Maricopa County Adult Probation Department targeted up to 80 people in the latest “DUI Warrant Round-Up.”
The offenders picked up in the sweep may be taken to court to establish a payment plan for their fine or may be taken to jail. People who wish to turn themselves in may do so at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, where DPS is stationed for the day, or at the court.   ….MORE

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