California: boozing addiction counselor Sherri Wilkins killed Phillip Moreno and drove for two miles with him impaled in her windshield…but she passed the background check…

From Los Angeles Times
The woman accused of fatally hitting a pedestrian and carrying him on her windshield more than two miles worked at a Torrance recovery center as a substance-abuse counselor, the facility’s president said.
David Lisonbee, president of Twin Town Treatment Centers, said 51-year-old Sherri Wilkins was hired at the Torrance facility in September 2011 after an internship through Loyola Marymount University. Wilkins is a chemical dependency counselor who worked with a small group that meets each evening for six days a week, Lisonbee said.
She was also recovering from addiction herself, Lisonbee said, but passed a background check and drug and alcohol screening when she was hired and showed no signs of relapse.
“There was absolutely nothing that gave us an indication that she was in a danger zone,” he said. “We feel just absolutely appalled and horrified that this happened to both families. It’s a horrible tragedy.”
Torrance police say Wilkins struck Phillip Moreno, 31, as he was crossing the street at Torrance Boulevard and Madrid Avenue on Saturday night. Wilkins told  …MORE

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