California: DUI suspect who threatened arresting officer and reportedly conducted anti-Jew campaign failed to appear for trial

From San Francisco Examiner
The man who allegedly avenged his DUI arrest in Brisbane last summer by calling the arresting officer 152 times — leaving 54 messages over three weeks — failed to show up to court Tuesday for the start of his jury trial.
However, Khalil Jaser, 48, of Burlingame appears to continue his activity on Twitter. Using an account under his name, tweets have threatened the Brisbane police officer; dozens of bizarre anti-Semitic rants have also been posted.
The officer-taunting began soon after Jaser’s July 28 arrest on suspicion of misdemeanor DUI, according to prosecutors.
Two days after the arrest, the account associated with Jaser, a self-proclaimed Palestinian Christian, tweeted that the officer should “come clean” about the incident. Subsequent posts said, “I am dead serious, you have 24 hours….or else!!” and,   ….MORE

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