California: Santa Cruz County Sheriff Jim Hart lists DUI arrests for Jan. 8, 2015


CHP Officer Michael Ball photo by CHP

CHP Officer Michael Ball photo by CHP


Santa Cruz County Sheriff

Nancy Romero Romero, 33, of Watsonville, Calif., H/F, 04/09/81, charged with DUI alcohol on Jan. 7, 2015 at 9:48 am

Crescencio Resendiz, 39, 05/24/1975, H/M, charged by CHP with DUI on Jan. 7, 2015 at 10:06 am

Fernando Andre Morrissey, 21, H/M, 08/16/1993, of Aptos, Ca. by CHP on 1/07/2015 at 5:13 am

Sonny Richard Linn, 05/05/1990, of 110 Stanford Ave., Santa Cruz, Ca. on 1/7/2015 at 00:46

Nicholas Paul Mannina, 22, W/M, of Scotts Valley, Calif., DUI by CHP on 01/06/2015 03:23, 09/23/1992   (occupation: EMT)

Raul Hernandez Ramirez, of 11 Shady Oaks, Watsonville, Calif., DUI with priors on 1/5/2015 by WPD,

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