California: the top hell-hole bars of Huntington Beach, such as Sharkeez, send their patrons out on the highway ready to kill…and often they do

HUNTINGTON BEACH (KTLA) — The state Office of Traffic and Safety has released new data suggesting that Huntington Beach has the largest number of alcohol-related crashes per-capita in California. And one bar in particular is in hot water, after police complaints that it’s been linked to an excessive number of drunk driving arrests.
The bar in question is Baja Sharkeez. In 22 months, 72 Sharkeez patrons were arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, according to Huntington Beach police. Authorities say they ask people arrested on suspicion of DUI where they have been drinking.
Hurricanes Bar & Grill had the second highest number of DUI arrests linked to it in the same period, at 52. Killarney Pub & Grill was third, with 33. ….MORE
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