Colorado: legislator has that old Rocky Mountain brew running thru her veins; got off DUI charge by invoking get out of jail free card!

From Grand Junction Sentinel

Rep. Laura Bradford temporarily was removed as chairwoman of a House committee Friday pending a legislative investigation into a “traffic citation” she received Wednesday, the Colorado House Republican leadership said.
The Collbran Republican, who is chairwoman of the House Local Government Committee, received a traffic ticket on suspicion of improper turning and an illegal lane change,
Denver Police Department spokesman Sonny Jackson said.
Jackson said the officer who stopped Bradford at about 10 p.m. Wednesday could smell alcohol on her breath and gave her a roadside sobriety test.
The officer didn’t give the lawmaker a citation for driving under the influence of alcohol because that would have required police to detain her, which is against the law, he said. Jackson said the most police could do was issue Bradford a traffic citation for the moving violations, lock her car and send her on her way.
“You can’t prove DUI unless you can do blood (test) for alcohol or breath (test) on someone, and we were not able to do that,” Jackson said. “It was determined that she was a state legislator, and by state law, you’re not allowed to detain a state legislator going to and from the Capitol.” ….MORE
Lawmaker busted as committee chairwoman by Speaker; she invoked legislative immunity, told cop she was coming from legislative function

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