Florida: DUI firefighter was chatting with cop before he snuck out to parking lot and zoomed away; cop took off after him

From Palm Beach Post
WEST PALM BEACH — Before he was charged Sunday with DUI, West Palm Beach firefighter Lt. Joshua Goodfellow walked up to a uniformed Jupiter police officer, shook his hand and struck up a conversation.
According to a Jupiter police arrest report, officer James Albano was standing in uniform at the front entrance of the Square Grouper Tiki Bar at Castaways Marina, when Goodfellow walked up to him, shook his hand and asked Albano how he was doing.
As Goodfellow talked, he was swaying side to side, had “slurred speech” and an “odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage was coming from his breath,” Albano wrote.
Albano then offered to arrange for someone to drive him home safely. But Goodfellow instead walked back into the tiki bar.
“A few moments later, he walked past me saying his wife was coming to pick him up,” Albano wrote in the report. “I observed him walk to his vehicle, enter the (driver’s) side and drive away before I could stop him.”
Albano hopped into his patrol car and followed Goodfellow; he ran two stop signs before Albano could stop him …MORE