Florida: Manatee County Sheriff W. Brad Steube lists the following booked into his jail on charges of DUI:


The following persons were charged with DUI and booked into the Manatee County Florida jail of Sheriff W. Brad Steube

Gabriel Avelino-Benitez, 22, on 8/11/12 (HOLD)

Armando Garcia-Ramos, 24, of Bradenton, Fl., on 9/8/12
Joseph Schwartkopf, 54, of Bradenton, Fl., on 9/1/12

Joseph Adam Blandino, 50, of Bradenton, Fl., on 8/13/12 (4th offense)

Eugenio Betancourt, 47, of Bradenton, Fl.,  on 9/4/12

Kristi Gail Kovaleski, 29, of Bradenton, Fl., on 9/6/12 (multiple prior DUI offenses)

Daniel Lischka, 34, of Bradenton, Fl., on 7/14/12 (4th offense)
Brian S. Lowe, 34, of Arcadia, Fl., on 8/8/12 DWI Manslaughter

Otto Nunez, 61, of Bradenton, Fl., on 8/23/12 DWI prior offenses, violation of probation for DUI

Leobardo Ortega-Rodriquez, 36, of Ellenton, Fl., on 2/25/12 3rd offense

Lynette Sherree Turner, 47, of Winter Haven, Fl., on 9/7/12 2nd offense

Gregg Alan Voegele, 54, of Bradenton, Fl., on 3/31/12 4th offense

Douglas L. Wallace, 49, of Palmetto, Fl., on 9/7/12 4th offense