Florida: Robert Wayne Whittle may have a wooden leg; busted for being FOUR times over the legal limit after he left Hell-Bar – Mookey’s Bar

Robert Wayne Whittle

From Gasprilla Gazette
Police say they arrested Robert Wayne Whittle, 28, 2116 Massachusetts Ave., Grove City, and discovered he was allegedly four times over the legal alcohol limit for DUI.
Two road deputies reported they were approaching San Casa Drive and 10th Street at 2:08 a.m. Friday when were nearly hit by Whittle’s Toyota pickup making a wide turn. The pickup continued down 10th Street and reportedly almost hit the second cruiser.
The driver was reportedly observed ….MORE

Police Report: Whittle stumbled out of his pickup and apologized for nearly hitting the patrol cars. He said he was coming from Mookey’s Bar where he had three shots and three beers, and was on his way home. He failed the various tests, was arrested for DUI, and then transported to the Charlotte County Jail where he blew .324 and .331 on breathalyzer equipment. Due to his being four times over the .080 limit, he was then transported to Charlotte Regional Medical Center, treated for acute alcohol intoxication, medically cleared, and returned to the County Jail around 7 a.m. Whittle posted a $1,500 bond and has been released.