Idaho: State Police allied with other police agencies over Christmas holidays; handed out lots of tickets and showed 8 DUI drivers the road to perdition

The Idaho Transportation Department partnered with the Idaho State Police and other law enforcement agencies across Idaho to make highways safer by funding high visibility impaired driving enforcement patrols December 17 – January 2, 2013.
During this campaign, District 4 Idaho State Police troopers focused on enforcement of impaired driving and seatbelt violations.  Here is a summary of the results:
Total Contacts – 837
DUI Arrests – 8
Seat Belt / Child Restraint Citations – 47 Fugitives Apprehended � 3 Suspended Driver Licenses – 10 Uninsured Motorists – 86 Speeding Citations – 248 Reckless Driving Citations – 1 Drug Arrests – 4 Other Various Contacts – 161
“Your best and only defense against drunk drivers is to always wear a seat belt and remain attentive to your surroundings and other drivers,” Lt. Haight said.
“Those occupants wearing a seatbelt, increase their chance of survival greatly,” says Lt. Haight.

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