Indiana: Lame prosecutor never charged Anissa Northrup with causing death of Nathan Gatchall she hit and killed; she skates without serving a day in jail

Allen County Deputy Prosecutor Adam Mildred: Be glad this inept prosecutor doesn’t work in your county!

In his sentencing, (Judge) Surbeck made sure to remind everyone present that prosecutors never charged Northrup with causing Gatchell’s death.

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Anissa Northrup

From Journal Gazette
Those who came to support Anissa Northrup on Friday spoke of a 33-year-old single mother of two boys who helped coach Little League in place of their absent father.
They talked about a woman who took on the role of a den mother in Cub Scouts and who, whenever her friends needed her, would drop everything to baby-sit their children.
And then there were those who came to tell about whom they lost.
They spoke of a 26-year-old music connoisseur named Nathan Gatchall, a man who loved life and who did anything and everything for his friends and family.
They spoke of how crushing it was for someone like that to die so young, especially in the way he died – hit by Northrup’s minivan in the middle of Broadway at 2:45 one April morning.
Then, they watched as Northrup received no prison time. ….MORE

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