Louisiana: Calcasieu Sheriff Mancuso taking tough action against drunk driving, cuts fatals from 18 in 2008 to 3 in 2010

From  Sulphur Daily News:
Sulphur, La. —  Since he took office in 2004, Sheriff Tony Mancuso has taken an aggressive stance on deterring crime. As well, he has set the standard for a productive, proactive, professional and proud law enforcement agency at the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office.
“The good news is [that] probably about 95 percent of our community is good. It’s that five percent that’s not that just makes it very difficult on a daily basis in our job. Unfortunately, I see the bad everyday in our community. We do live in a good, safe community but we’re certainly not without problems,” stated the sheriff at Wednesday’s Sulphur Rotary Club meeting.  ….MORE
     On Saturday, February 19, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office conducted a DWI and seatbelt checkpoint in the 1600 block of Sampson Street in Westlake to target individuals driving under the influence of alcohol and/or narcotics; as well as, people who are not wearing their seatbelt.              One thousand, seven hundred and sixty- nine (1769) vehicles were checked; ten (10) field sobriety tests were administered; and twenty-eight (28) citations were issued; and the following one (1) person was arrested for DWI:

                        Mitchell G. Allen, 44, 2022 Avenue, Apt. #K, Danbury, TX

            The following citations were issued:

  • Nine (9) for no seatbelt
  • One (1) for open container
  • Eleven (11) for expired motor vehicle inspection
  • Two (2) for no child restraint
  • Two (2) for no motor vehicle insurance
  • Two (2) for no head lights
  • One (1) for no driver’s license

            Participating in this checkpoint were the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office; Lake Charles City Police; and the Kinder Police Department; Westlake Police Department; and the LA Highway Safety Commission.

            This DWI checkpoint was funded by a grant from the LA Highway Safety Commission.

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