Maryland: DUI arrests by Maryland State Police and St. Mary’s Sheriff Deputies in April 2011

Maryland State Troopers Mark McLean and Thomas Quade sort out a crash scene.

The following persons were arrested for DWI/DUI by the Troopers of the Maryland State Police Leonardtown Barrack:
William Edward Burch, 34, of Loveville on 4/28/11 by TFC M. J. Pitcher
Jaime Mariah Patterson, 34, of Lexington Park on 4/30/11 by TFC A. J.Malaspina
George Woodrow Warring, Jr., 48, of Virginia on 4/30/11 by TFC N. E. Gresko
Marquis Joseph Brown, 27, of Lusby on 5/1/11 by Tpr. E. T. Reuschling
Sarah Jean Russell, 23, of Mechanicsville on 5/1/11 by Tpr. E. R. Mersman

The following persons were arrested on charges of DWI/DUI by the troopers of the Maryland State Police Barrack in Prince Frederick:

Ashley M. HOWE, 25, of Clarksville, MD on 04/27/11 at 12:00 am TPR. E. West
Steven W. JENKINS, 45, of Lusby, MD on 04/29/11 at 01:01 am by CPL. R. Waner
Melissa Elizabeth RIDGEWAY, 36, (DOB 10/22/1974) of 531 WALTON RD POB 165, Huntingtown, MD on 04/29/11 at 01:07 am by TFC D. Saucerman. OUTCOME: Probation Before Judgment, 20 DAYS IN JAIL SUSPENDED AND A FINE OF $185. 
Stephanie M. ADKINS , 25, of Chesapeake Beach, MD on 04/29/11 at 02:17 am by TFC A. Merkelson
Daniel J. HILLMAN, 50, of Glen Burnie, MD 04/30/11 at 06:37 pm TFC S. Johns
Robbie T. ROOT, 31, of Edgewater, MD on 04/30/11 at 06:39 pm by TFC C. Evans
Jonathan E. PAGE, 38, of Prince Frederick, MD on 04/30/11 at 09:23 pm by TFC M. Gill
Anthony MULKEY JR, 31, Lusby, MD on 05/01/11 at 05:13 am by TFC A. Merkelson
William L. PROHASKA , 60, Huntingtown, MD 05/01/11 at 05:44 pm by TFC C. Evans
The following persons were charged with DWI/DUI by the deputies of St. Mary’s County Maryland Sheriff Tim Cameron:
Thomas Philip Schmidt Sr., 62 of Coltons Point, MD at 9:05 pm on 4/26/11 by Cpl. Handy
Robert Alexander Hewitt, 39 of Coltons Point, MD at 7:49 pm on 4/28/11 by Dep. Adams
Javon Lyzel Dickens, 20 of Piney Point, MD at 9:44 pm on 4/29/11 by Dfc. Meyer
Paul Francis Gilligan Jr., 40 of Mechanicsville, MD at 12:09 am on 4/30/11 by Cpl. Somerville
Raymond Reith Meredith, III, 41 of Mechanicsville, MD at 9:00 pm on 4/30/11 by Dep. Beishline
Ronald William Crowley, 49 of Charlotte Hall, MD at 4:04 am on 5/1/11 by Cpl. Milam
Mary Beth White, 30 of Lexington Park, MD at 2:15 pm on 5/1/11 by Cpl. Evans.

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