MARYLAND: Repeat offender for DWI-drugs has a decade of arrests with free passes given by three prosecutors – who quiver and quake each time an attorney shows up for a trial


John Irvin Eberwein DUI arrest

SPECIAL REPORT: What makes Maryland’s elected States Attorneys so eager to dump serious DWI-drug charges repeatedly for one person?

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Maryland court records reveal that prosecutors in three counties of Maryland duck and run each time a St. Mary’s County man is arrested for driving under the influence of drugs. Rather than putting on a trial in court to prove the case of the arrests by officers in Charles, St. Mary’s and Prince George’s Counties, in each county, the prosecutors dropped the charges when the defendant hired an attorney. Only in one case did the accused serve any time and that was when he entered a guilty plea to the drug possession charge but still skated on the DWI-drug arrest.

JOHN IRVIN EBERWEIN, (DOB 12/30/1970) of 25757 Long Woods Lane, Mechanicsville, Md. Charge of possession of drugs (not marijuana) following his arrest by Maryland Trooper Krenik on July 16, 2016, ended in a plea deal in District Court for St. Mary’s County, Md., on Dec. 12, 2016. Eberwein entered a guilty plea. THE DEAL: A sentence of 545 days was suspended, credit for time served of 33 days, probation for 512 days. Attorney for Eberwein was Joseph F. Vallario Jr. of Suitland, Md.

John Irvin Eberwein was arrested for DWI-drugs as he operated a Ford Crown Victoria on Chaptico Road at Freight Falls Road on July 15, 2016. Eberwein entered a guilty plea at the same day and place as the drug conviction. THE DEAL: St. Mary’s States Attorney Richard Fritz allowed a sentence of sixty days in jail with twenty-seven days suspended.

John Irvin Eberwein was arrested by Charles County Sheriff Patrol Officer M. Casarrubias for DWI – drugs as he operated a 2000 Ford on Berry Road at Middletown Road on Oct. 24, 2015. In Charles County District Court on May 20, 2016, Charles County States Attorney Anthony Covington dropped the charges in a plea deal with no fine and no time, by entering Nolle Prosequi on the docket.

John Irvin Eberwein was arrested in Prince Georges County by PG County Police Officer on Sept. 1, 2012, at 1:05 am as he operated a 1995 Honda on Aquasco Road at Baden Nestwood Road for DWI-drugs. With LaPlata attorney Hamad Matin representing him in District Court in Upper Marlboro, Prince Georges States Attorney Angela Alsobrooks apparently panicked at the idea of having to put on a trial and dropped the charges on Jan. 28, 2013.

John Irvin Eberwein was charged with DWI drugs when he was stopped on Chaptico Road by St. Mary’s Sheriff Deputy R. Nielsen on Dec. 14, 2009. In St. Mary’s District Court on March 18, 2010, Eberwein got yet another free pass when St. Mary’s States Attorney Richard Fritz dropped the charges rather than face off in a trial in District Court in Leonardtown with Suitland attorney Joseph F. Vallario 3rd.