Maryland: Sheriff Tim Cameron Has Always Walked Tall


Sheriff Tim Cameron

From The Privateer Clause

The first time I observed St. Mary’s County, Md. Sheriff’s Deputy Tim Cameron on the job; he was training a new deputy that had recently graduated from the police academy.
The young officer was nervous and unsure of himself as the two cops checked out a suspected drunk driver on a traffic stop in the summer of 1990.
With caution and courtesy, Cameron guided the rookie through the steps that would determine if the motorist was inebriated and was going to punch his ticket for a ride to jail or be allowed to have someone called to pick him up and drive his vehicle.
The easy way out wasn’t in the cards for that driver and for many others over the years. While observing the arrest, as part of the daily news coverage of operating my small newspaper, ST. MARY’S TODAY,  it was clear to me that the citizens had a standout senior officer training this new deputy.
That was the first of many occasions that I would find Deputy Tim Cameron working to make arrests, keep the peace, and supervise younger and less experienced officers as part of his job as a field supervisor. ….MORE

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