Maryland: St. Mary’s County Sheriff Tim Cameron updates DWI / DUI arrests thru July 23, 2012

The following persons were charged with DWI / DUI by the patrol officers of St. Mary’s County, Maryland Sheriff Tim Cameron:
Mark Allen Brown, 27 of Mechanicsville on 07/04/12 at 3:14 am by Deputy Peacher.
Alfonso Gasnarez, 30 of Lexington Park on 07/21/12 at 12:20 am by Deputy Potter.
Ariel Ann Sanders, 22 of Charlotte Hall on 07/21/12 at 6:00 am by Deputy Harris.
John Matthew Garner, 28 of Lexington Park on 07/23/12 at12:01 am by Deputy Peacher.
Alex Matthew Jordan, 19 of Valley Lee on 07/18/12 at 1:30 am by Deputy Teague.
Catherine Mary Russo, 52 of Mechanicsville on 07/16/12 at 7:08 pm by Deputy Milam.
Kurt Ashley Hamilton, 34 of Leonardtown on 07/10/12 at 10:20 by Deputy Flerlage.