Maryland: St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron lists DWI arrests through Sept. 17, 2011

The following persons were charged with DWI/DUI by the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Patrol Officers of St. Mary’s County, Md. Sheriff Tim Cameron:
Garner, Billy D. 21, ofLeonardtown,MD, at6:23 pmonAugust 24, 2011by Dfc. Gill
Stewart, John F. 53, ofLexington Park,MDat2:34 amonAugust 26, 2011by Dfc. Carberry
Farrell, John L. 56, of Avenue, MD at7:37 pmonAugust 26, 2011by Dep. Flerlage
Mason, Daniel C. 65, ofSuitland,MDat6:35 pmonAugust 28, 2011by Dep. Ellis
McCurry, Michele S. 33, ofChaptico,MD  at11:30 amonAugust 29, 2011by Dfc. Waters
Johnson, Russell E. 20, ofMechanicsville,MDat3:07 amonSeptember 3, 2011by Cpl. Handy
Duke, Dustin J. 24, ofCalifornia, Md at9:34 pmonSeptember 4, 2011by Dfc. Meyers
Price, Scott G. 27, ofLexington Park,MDat3:51 amonSeptember 5, 2011by Dfc. Carberry
Davis, Ricky J. 30, ofCallaway,MDat2:04 amonSeptember 8, 2011by Dep. Potter
Plaza, Wilberto 30, of Great Mills, Md at6:59 pmonSeptember 8, 2011by Dep. Potter
Allen, Mark W. 28, ofHollywood,MDat12:43 amonSeptember 10, 2011by Dep. Flerlage
Russell,BrittanyA 21, ofHollywood,MDat2:52 amonSeptember 17, 2011by Dep. Foor

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