Maryland: St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron releases names of latest DWI arrests CHRISTMAS PARTY ROUNDUP!

The following persons were arrested for DWI by the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Patrol Officers:
WALTON, LAVEL, 36, of California, MD, on 12/4/11 at 5:34 a.m. by Dep. Flerlage
Gorham, Daniel Lee, 43, of Leonardtown, MD on 12-6-11 at 9:26 am by Dfc. Watters
Williford, Margaret Anne, 46 of Park Hall, MD on 12-9-11 at 11:49 am by Cpl. Kirkner
Bailey, Terry Eugene, 51, of Leonardtown, MD on 12-11-11 at 1:47 am by Dep. Teague
Hoffman, Lawrence Alvin, 45 of Leonardtown, MD on 12-11-11 at 6:10 am by Dfc. Watters

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