Maryland: St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron reports on DWI arrests Aug. 8, 2011

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The following persons were arrested for DWI / DUI by the patrol officers of the St. Mary’s County Maryland Sheriff’s Department:
Baker, Cameron William, 18 ofLeonardtown,MD at12:31 am on8/4/11 by Dep. Seyfried.
Shipman, Jennifer Marie, 29 ofMechanicsville,MD at5:06 pmon8/4/11by Dfc. Bowman.
Pitts, Leslie Carol, 45 of KingGeorge,VA at10:36 pm7/29/11by Dep. Seyfried.
Talbott, Shelli Lynn, 40 of Upper Marlboro, MD at10:16 pmon7/29/11by Dep. Flerlage.
Hoover, Jason Anthony, 22 ofMechanicsville,MD at9:45 pmon7/12/11by Dep. Adamo.
Guy, Jason Alan, 18 ofMechanicsville,MD at10:45 pmon7/17/11by Dep. Flerlage.
Lewis, William Holtzman, 46 ofHollywood,MD at7:55 pmon7/15/11by Dfc. Chimko-Fahey.
Darden, Joseph Tyrone, 63 ofMechanicsville,MD at10:15 pmon7/17/11by Dep. Flerlage.
Barnes, Joshua Wayne, 27 ofCalifornia, MD at2:26 amon7/17/11by Dfc. Boyer.
Nelson, Robert Steven, Jr., 28 ofMechanicsville,MD at9:18 pmon7/15/11by Dfc. Boyer.
Russell, Brian Richard, 54 ofLexington Park,MD at8:17 pmon7/21/11by Dfc. Boyer.
Jameson, Connie Sue, 48 ofSt. Inigoes,MDat12:58 pmon7/22/11by Cpl. Kirkner.

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