Maryland: St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron reports the following DWI arrests on Oct. 24, 2011

Smith, Anthony Kevin, 47 of Hyattsville, MD at 3:20 am on 10/1/11 by Dep. T. Snyder

Palm, Tetyana Ivanivna, 46 of Callaway, MD at 7:27 pm on 10/5/11 by Dep. Foor

Tiburzi, Craig Anthony, 41 of Leonardtown, MD at 10:01 pm on 8/6/11 by Cpl. Handy

Lawrence, Christopher Adam, 26 of Hollywood, MD at 2:16 am on 10/6/11 by Dep. Potter

Bingman, Julie Katherine, 30, of Hollywood, MD at 2:44 am on 10/7/11 by Dep. Foor

Short, Thomas 18, of Chaptico, MD at 5:39 am on 8/4/11 by Dep. Flerlage

Spalding, Joshua Phil 31, of Lexington Park, MD at 1:39 am on 10/12/11 by Dep. Rogers

Nelson, Robert Steven 28, of Mechanicsville, MD at 10:55 am on 10/13/11 by Dfc. Vezzosi

Shobert, Bruce Jay 58, of Green Valley, AZ at 10:31 am on 10/15/11 by Cpl. Connelly

Jeffries, Brian Matthew 23, of Prince Frederick, MD at 9:32 pm on 10/21/11 by Dep. Seyfried

Thomas, Robert John 37, of Lusby, MD at 2:47 am on 10/23/11 by Dep. Knott

Meyer, Holly Bond 42, of Hollywood, MD at 1:03 am on 10/23/11 by Dep. Flerlage

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