Massachusetts: State Police patrol surge nets 10 drunk driving arrests in second week of initiative; Paulo F. Medeiros leads the list

Raynham —Massachusetts State Police troopers deployed as part of the Routes 24 and 195 patrol surge made 10 drunk driving arrests on or in the vicinity of those two highways this part weekend, the second week of the initiative. Among those arrested were an impaired driver who was going the wrong way, against traffic, on Route 195 in Fairhaven, a driver who struck a cruiser on a detail on Route 195 in Fall River, and a driver who struck another vehicle on Route 24 and tried to flee.
Troopers who were assigned to the additional patrols arrested seven impaired drivers during the overnight from Friday into Saturday, Aug. 3 and 4, and arrested four more impaired drivers on the overnight from Saturday into Sunday, Aug. 4 and 5. Patrol surge troopers also made nine non-OUI arrests on both days and issued three criminal summons. Additionally, troopers wrote 262 motor vehicle citations during this weekend’s operation.
In addition to those actions, the State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Section, the department’s truck enforcement team, was deployed onto Routes 24 and 195 on three early mornings last week as part of the patrol initiative. Truck team troopers ticketed 47 truckers for speeding on those three mornings.
Arrested this past weekend were the following defendants. The arrests were made on Routes 24 and 195, as well as state and local feeder roads onto and in the vicinity of those highways.
Paulo F. Medeiros, 33, of Fall River, who was stopped at Plymouth Avenue and Hamlet Street in Fall River. Charged with OUI-Liquor 2d offense, negligent operation, unlicensed operation, and failure to stop for police.
Iris A. Acevedo, 29, of New Bedford, who was stopped at Purchase and Linden streets in New Bedford. Charged with OUI-Liquor and unlicensed operation. …MORE
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