Minnesota: drunk drivers just don’t give a rat’s butt and drive anyway…

— After 18 days of increased effort, law enforcement agencies across the state say they’ve caught nearly 1,800 drunk drivers. The total across the state was 1,787 arrests.
St. Paul Police had the most arrests with nearly 100 drivers being caught. Rochester police brought in 38 drunk drivers, which was surprisingly more than Minneapolis Police who caught 24 people.
There were 295 agencies in Minnesota that worked together during this latest effort and they hope to continue the enforcement until people stop driving drunk.
It’s a lesson we’re all told when we get our first driver’s license and when we buy our first beers – Don’t drink and drive. But after the Labor Day weekend, it’s apparent quite a few people did not get the message.
“The numbers are a little…little higher than what we normally might see,” says Rochester Police Captain, John Sherwin. DWI arrest numbers are up in Southeast Minnesota but that’s not necessarily a good thing.
“It shows our commitment to enforcing DWI laws and it does show that people aren’t quite getting the message,” says Sherwin. Because of state grant money, in the 18 day crackdown, Rochester Police were able to arrest 38 people for driving drunk……MORE

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