Missouri: The following persons were booked into the Greene County Missouri jail on charges of DWI

Brian G. Bowman, felony DWI court date 04/20/12
Dallas W. Blankenship, felony DWI

Leonard A. Bracamonte, felony DWI court date 04/23/12

Daniel Keith Carlyle, DWI-alcohol, aggravated offender court date 06/26/12

Michael S. Carter, felony DWI, forcible rape, court date 05/01/12

Kalsey L. Chambers, DWI (drugs) court date 05/10/12

Jennifer E. Coleman, felony DWI

Darroll Sayles, mis. DWI

James F. Scaggs, felony DWI court date 05/01/12

James H. Sherrod, felony DWI court date 05/01/12

John W. Smith, felony DWI, DWI – alcohol chronic offender court 05/04/12

Bradley E. Starbuck, felony DWI, court 07/13/12

Gordon W. Weathers, DWI alcohol, chronic offender