New Mexico: repeat offender DWI drivers end up without wheels when vehicle is seized for auction

From ABQ Journal
The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office is seeking stricter penalties to the county’s DWI ordinance as staff prepares for a confiscated vehicle auction on Aug. 17.

If it gets its way, it could end up with even more vehicles to auction off in the future.

The proposed changes would reduce the number of drunken driving convictions a driver would need before the county can proceed with seizing the vehicle, said Undersheriff Ron Madrid. Current law states that a driver must have two convictions for driving under the influence and be arrested on a third before the county can begin forfeiture proceedings.

The change would reduce that to one or more convictions. County DWI Prevention Specialist Peter Olson said if the County Commission adopts the changes, it will be easier for law enforcement to take vehicles, creating a deterrent for people who consider driving while intoxicated.

“It sends a very, very strong message to people driving drunk that it’s just not worth it,” Olson said.
“Hopefully people will wake up and realize that.” ….MORE