New York: dueling luxury cars piloted by boozing bozos crash in after bar demo-derby; Joel Antoine and Arnaldo Gill both charged with DWI

From The Gothamist
 Eight people were injured after a BMW and a Bentley, both driven by allegedly drunk drivers, crashed into each other in the Flatiron District at 3:46 this morning. Police say 25-year-old Arnaldo Gill of Miami, Florida, was the driver of a silver BMW and that Arnaldo was observed “swaying under his feet with bloodshot, watery eyes,” at the scene of the crash. 48-year-old Brooklynite Joel Antoine was allegedly driving the Bentley, and police claim he too, was drunk at the scene. Both men blew over a 0.08 BAC and were arrested for DWI. An FDNY spokesman said that two of the injured were in critical condition, another two were in serious condition, while the rest suffered minor injuries.  ….MORE