New York: DWI killer Doc Corasanti now out of the slammer and ready for his next patient

From The Buffalo News

After walking  free this morning  following 239 days in jail, Dr. James G. Corasanti hopes to stay in Western New York.

He looks forward to reuniting with his wife and young son, and he intends to resume working as a physician.

“He hopes to stay here. He would like very much to stay here,” said Joel L. Daniels, one of the attorneys who defended Corasanti in his high-profile trial last year. “He has a lot of patients here. They very much would like him to stay and continue to take care of them.”

Corasanti was acquitted in Erie County Court on all felony charges related to the traffic death of an 18-year-old longboard skater but was found guilty of drunken driving.

A jury acquitted him of manslaughter, leaving the scene and evidence-tampering charges, rejecting the prosecution contention that while on his way home from a country club outing, Corasanti was texting, speeding and driving on the shoulder of Heim Road in Amherst when his car fatally struck Alexandria “Alix” Rice on July 8, 2011.

Jurors convicted him of DWI, even though they concluded that his drunkenness did not directly cause her death.

Corasanti, 57, of Getzville, was released today from the Erie County Correctional Facility in Alden after serving two-thirds of his one-year jail sentence.

County Judge Sheila A. DiTullio sentenced    ….MORE

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