New York: Linden NJ Police Officer Pedro Abad had 2 prior DUI’s before crash in Staten Island that killed Officer Frank Viggiano and friend Joe Rodriguez

Linden Police kept Officer Pedro Abad on the job in spite of two DUI arrests prior to killing two in fatal DUILINDEN NEW JERSEY NEEDS A NEW POLICE CHIEF ASAP!

“We do not want the memory of Officer Viggiano tarnished by negative publicity as we seek to comfort his family and loved ones,” Linden police Capt. James Sarnicki said in a statement.


COMMENTARY: These idiots are worried about negative publicity!  Amazing!  AMERICA: Feel sorry for the poor citizens and taxpayers of Linden, New Jersey, who have possibly the biggest set of nitwits in the country working in their police department. And now the Mayor says he is going to “investigate”…ditto for the Prosecutor…ATTENTION GOMER PYLE: They will give you a job in Linden, New Jersey!

From Yahoo News:

The off-duty New Jersey police officer who was behind the wheel during a wrong-way crash that killed another officer and a friend last week in New York City had previously had his driver’s license suspended for driving under the influence, an official said Tuesday.

Linden Officer Pedro Abad Jr., had his license suspended for seven months starting in October 2013, said Elyse Coffey, spokeswoman for the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.

The suspension stemmed from an accident in Rahway, New Jersey, in February of that year. A judge found he refused to submit to a chemical test and was ….MORE


Linden Police Officer Pedro Abad Jr was busted twice before for DUI

He leaned against the Rahway police car for balance. His eyes were bloodshot and watery and his eyelids droopy. He slurred his speech and he smelled of alcohol.

That’s how a 2013 Rahway police report describes Linden Police Officer Pedro Abad Jr. just before he was arrested for driving under the influence after striking a parked vehicle on Monroe Street.

The Rahway arrest was one of two for Abad since becoming a police officer in 2008. Abad also was arrested for driving under the influence in Roselle in January 2011. He answered those charges in municipal court and the charges were dismissed, according to Roselle Borough Administrator David G. Brown II.

Brown said the borough now is attempting to gather more information about the case and how the charges were adjudicated.

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