Ohio: Wilfredo Osorio Jr. given light sentence of less than 3 years for DUI homicide by Judge James Burge; Osorio says he “slipped on ice, it was an accident”

NEWS MEDIA AND LAW ENFORCEMENT THAT USE THE TERM “ACCIDENT” OUGHT TO CONSIDER USING THE WORDS “CRASH OR COLLISSION”. An accident is an unanticipated act that cannot be predicted or thought likely…otherwise, crashing after driving while drinking is a predictable outcome of a CHOICE. (Editor’s Note: When your favorite news source uses the term “accident”, send a polite comment to the editor about the improper use of the term. That will be one small way that most anyone might make a difference and lead to saving lives.  The fact that the DUI killer in this event used the term “accident” cannot be prevented, but police and news reporters can use the term when and if it applies. Happy New Year!)

From Chronicle Telegram
(Jan. 5, 2013) — ELYRIA — A former Lorain man who killed his girlfriend in a drunken driving crash in December 2010 was sentenced Friday to 30 months in prison. Wilfredo Osorio Jr., 28, was found guilty last year of vehicular homicide, DUI and driving without a license. Lorain County Common Pleas Judge James Burge, who imposed the sentence Friday, cleared Osorio of more serious aggravated vehicular homicide charges. Assistant County Prosecutor Nick Hanek urged Burge to impose the maximum sentence, which the judge said was 30 months, in part because of an interview Osorio had with the Lorain County Probation Department in which he reportedly failed to take responsibility for his actions leading to the death of 26-year-old Rachel Frahm of Sullivan. “I believe this defendant has refused to take any responsibility for the death of his girlfriend,” Hanek said. An emotional Osorio told Burge that he knew he had made a mistake getting behind the wheel of the car, but he also blamed icy conditions on Middle Ridge Road in Amherst Township for the crash. “This was an accident,” he said. “I slipped on ice.” ….MORE Product DetailsProduct Details