Oklahoma: “If you’re going to make the decision to drink and drive, if you’re going to put everyone else at risk, then we’re going to be out there to take you off the roads and put you in prison,” one trooper said.

From NewsOn6.com
All Mark McSherry saw were headlights coming toward his Jeep.
“Tried to turn away from us, we turned away from them. Then all of a sudden they changed their mind and turned toward us,” McSherry said.
McSherry, his wife and three children were driving south on Cincinnati when troopers say Nicholas Mancino hit their car head-on. Troopers arrested Mancino for driving drunk.
A TLC photographer caught it all on camera for a series called “DUI.” The show shadows Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers.
“Looking for any kind of behavior that’s outside of the norm,” OHP Trooper Chris West said.
As they pull over drunk and high drivers, OHP says producers chose Oklahoma for the show because the state takes DUI’s seriously. …MORE

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