Pennsylvania: Conner J. McNicholas killed his two pals and then denied knowing anyone in ‘Brandy and Rum run’ in Honda


Authorities in Montgomery County this morning announced the arrest of an Ambler man in connection with a car crash that took the lives of two teenagers.
Connor J McNicholas, 19, of Bryant Court, was charged with two counts of vehicular homicide while driving under the influence and one count of DUI, said District Attorney Lisa Vetri Ferman.
McNicholas was at the wheel of his family’s Honda Civic with four friends on Aug. 6 when the car left the road at speeds of 99 to 103 m.p.h., Ferman said. The teens were drinking apple brandy and rum. Open containers were found at the scene, she said.
The car came to rest in the backyard of a home at 600 Wade Avenue in Horsham after shearing off a tree with a 22-inch circumference and traveling more than 400 feet.
Killed in the crash were Robert Nagle, 19, of Ambler, and Edward Coombs, 19, of Horsham. Two others were treated for minor injuries…..MORE

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