Texas: Hell Hole Bars! family of Jarrett Whittington says in lawsuit that Madeline Rackley was sold too much booze by Lustre Pearl bar

Lustre Pearl

Woman drove her car down boat ramp into lake, drowning her passenger…ride with a drunk driver, buy a ticket to your own funeral…

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A Corpus Christi family says its Lustre Pearl’s fault that their son was  killed in an accident. The family claims bartenders over served their son’s  friend and now the family is suing for more than $1 million.

In the early morning hours of July 1, 2012, 25-year-old Madeline Rackley of  Austin drove her car down a boat ramp into Lady Bird Lake after thinking it was  an onramp to I-35.

Rackley’s car went underwater, she and another passenger were able to escape,  but their friend and back seat passenger, 25-year-old Jarrett Ryan Whittington  did not escape and drowned.

Police said Rackley was drunk and charged her with intoxication  manslaughter.

Now Whittington’s family is filing a wrongful death lawsuit–not just against  Rackley but against Lustre Pearl, the bar where Rackley and her friends were  drinking before the crash. And the lawsuit doesn’t stop there, not only are the  bar’s owners named but so are the bartenders who served Rackley’s drinks.

Whittington’s family who filed the suit last week, alleges the bartenders  over served Rackley who was already intoxicated.

“The persons that operate these bars ought to tighten up their policies,”  Whittington’s attorney, Kathryn Snapka said.

Snapka says all parties named in the suit broke the law.

“There’s an obligation under the law that the bar and the bartenders should  not serve someone alcohol who is clearly intoxicated,” Snapka said.

While this is the first time Lustre Pearl has been named in a wrongful death  suit for allegedly over serving an intoxicated person, it’s not the first time a  bar owned by Dunlap has been implicated.

The Clive Bar was named in a lawsuit filed by the father ….MORE

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