Texas: Judge orders DWI killer to stand on street corner with sign around neck telling the world he took a man’s life

From My Fox Austin
A judge in Houston sentenced a convicted drunk driver to humiliation. The drunk driver killed another man when he crashed into his car. Now the whole city will know what happened.
In June of 2011, 20 year old Aaron Pennywell was killed when he was struck by 38-year-old Michael Giacona.
Saturday, Giacona will re-visit the scene, but not because he wants to.
Harris County Judge Mike Fields has ordered him to spend the next four Saturdays out there from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. while wearing a sign that says he killed Pennywell.
“Maybe we should try shaming people more often,” said retired Travis County Judge Jon Wisser.
Retired Travis County Judge Jon Wisser says he’s never done something this unique, but he’s not against it.
“The law permits a judge to use any reasonable means of punishment,” Wisser said. “The old days we had stocks put people in a public square. We put their arms and hands through things tried to shame them and humiliate them. This is a throw back to that. Maybe we ought to try and humiliate and shame defendants and maybe that will prevent them from doing that again.”
Not everyone thinks wearing a sign is appropriate even if a death is involved.
“I think it’s a little barbaric. I feel like I’m re-reading the Scarlett letter. I don’t think it’s fair,” said Austinite Keana Culjak-Reif. ….MORE