Texas: NBC 5 news anchor Jane McGarry hangs up her spurs after 30-year career; cites her DWI plea of no contest, pledges it won’t happen again!

From Star-Telegram
FORT WORTH — KXAS-TV anchor Jane McGarry has quit her job after pleading no contest to driving while intoxicated, admitting that she was over the legal limit when arrested in May and pledging that it will never happen again.
In a statement sent to the Star-Telegram today and posted on her Facebook page, McGarry said tests showed her blood alcohol level was 0.11 and “therefore I should not have been driving.” McGarry said she has paid a $1,200 fine, will be on probation for 18 months and will serve at least 40 hours of community service for the class B misdemeanor.
“I apologize for my irresponsible behavior and am grateful that the police did their job and no one was hurt,” McGarry said in the statement. “…I am deeply sorry for making such a terrible mistake and pledge it will never happen again.”
Shortly after her announcement, NBC 5 sent out a release stating that McGarry left her job at NBC 5 “effective today.”