Texas: Police Officer Dustin Dodson killed by drunk driver as he traveled home from work…arresting drunk drivers

Officer Dustin Dodson, killed by drunk driver
Fleeing killer suspect trailed by citizen who tackled him when he fled on foot

LANCASTER — It was early Saturday morning, and Officer Dustin Dodson had just finished a 12-hour shift patrolling Lancaster’s streets.
For the past two years, it was a job that often found him arresting drunk drivers.
Yet as Dodson drove home after work Saturday morning to see his wife and three children, a suspected drunk driver plowed into his motorcycle and ended his life.
“As a police officer, we always thought if something did happen, it would be something different than this,” said the officer’s father, Mark Dodson. “It was just one of those things that shouldn’t have happened.”
Officer Dodson, 25, was struck on Highway 67 in Venus around 6:30 a.m. Saturday, only 15 miles from his Cleburne home. …MORE