Alabama: friends don’t kill their friends while driving drunk, especially if they are already on probation for DUI; Jennifer Fram stays in slammer, says Judge


MOBILE, Ala. Sept. 19, 2012  – Jennifer Fram will not receive a bond.
That’s what Mobile County Judge George Hardesty decided Wednesday morning.  Fram is charged with murder after a  car accident in April of this year.
Authorities said Fram was driving with her 26-year-old boyfriend Nicholas Markow on Dawes Lake road when the car ran off the roadway and struck a sign and utility pole. Authorities say Markow, who was the passenger, died on the scene.
At the time of the accident, Fram was on probation for a previous DUI conviction and had avoided a six month jail sentence. Back in June, however, that sentence was revoked and Fram was sentenced to six months in jail for that DUI.

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In court on Wednesday, Fram’s attorney requested bond for his client on the murder charge, since Fram’s six month sentence was almost up ….MORE