California: toxicology tests reveal drivers in two crashes were DUI; Laura Stewart killed herself and her husband

From Ventura County Star
Two unrelated fatal crashes were caused by drivers who were under the influence,Ventura police said Wednesday.
Toxicology tests found that Laura Stewart, 56, of Ventura, was under the influence Oct. 6 when she ran a red light at Olivas Park Drive and Victoria Avenue.
She and her husband, Henry Stewart, 53, died after their van struck two other cars near the intersection, police said.
Laura Stewart’s blood-alcohol level was 0.24 percent, three times the legal limit, police said.
Ventura police temporarily closed the intersection weeks after the crash to investigate the incident. While an initial investigation showed Laura Stewart ran the red light, authorities wanted to make sure no one else was to blame for the crash.
Ventura police also determined that a 23-year-old motorcyclist who died Oct. 9 after crashing his motorcycle was under the influence.
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