Colorado: Five years in prison — thats the price David DJ Torroni Jr pays for killing Megan Ritter and Brian Houle while DUI

David DJ Torroni Jr DUI fatal double steamboat springs Colo 5 yrs guilty plea 081113  Judge Mary Hoak
No snowboarding in prison for David Torroni Jr., right, Judge Mary Hoak

The District Attorney’s Office sent out a press release after the hearing.

“While we appreciate that the court agreed that a prison sentence was appropriate in this case, we are nevertheless deeply disappointed that the length of the sentence was only five years,” Barkey stated in the release. “Our community can be assured that our office, together with law enforcement partners in the district, will continue to aggressively prosecute drinking or drugged driving to the full extent of the law.”

From Craig Daily Press

Hot Sulphur Springs – 2013-08-11— Shackled and wearing jail-issued clothing, a snowboarder, who just a year ago was an Olympic hopeful training with the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, pleaded for leniency Friday after making the biggest mistake of his life.

In the end, David “DJ” Torroni Jr., now 21, was sentenced to five years in a Colorado Department of Corrections prison for killing two people and seriously injuring another in a DUI crash on Nov. 21, 2012, near Kremmling.

The crash resulted in the serious injury of Todd Craft and the deaths of his good friends Megan Ritter and Brian Houle. The three were driving to Steamboat to spend Thanksgiving with Ritter’s mother, Elaine Houck, and her husband, Jim, who have lived in Steamboat for 12 years.

Torroni was charged with six felonies. Instead of going to trial, he chose to plead guilty to three felonies as part of a plea bargain ….MORE

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