Colorado: study concludes Denver cops are giving fellow cops a free pass on drunk driving…’move on, there’s nothing to see here’

From Fox 31 Denver

DENVER — Denver’s Independent Police Monitor will release a report Thursday, criticizing Denver Police for giving “preferential treatment” to off-duty officers pulled over for driving drunk.
In the report, Richard Rosenthal notes that since monitoring began in 2005, not a single Denver Police officer has been arrested for DUI by another DPD officer without having first been involved in a traffic collision.
“During the same time period, however, ten DPD officers have been arrested for DUI in other jurisdictions, with only two of those arrests ensuing from a traffic collision,” Rosenthal says.”The absence of DPD officer DUI arrests in Denver supports the conclusion that rules need to be put in place to ensure that off-duty DPD officers do not receive preferential treatment.” …..MORE

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