Florida: man who left his victim to drown in canal after DWI crash learns how long he will spend in the slammer

From Palm Beach Post
WEST PALM BEACH — In the seconds before International Polo Club Palm Beach founder John Goodman received a 16-year prison sentence, William Wilson straightened his arms at his sides and pressed his hands into his seat, pushing so hard he nearly suspended his body in air.
This is how he said his heart felt two years ago, suspended between hope and despair, in the four hours he waited to find out his son Scott was dead, drowned in a canal after Goodman crashed his Bentley into the 23-year-old’s Hyundai.
No one knows whether Scott Wilson, who would have survived his injuries from the crash, was conscious on Feb. 12, 2010 when his car overturned
and filled with water. ….MORE