FLORIDA: Vice-principal Heather Morse resigned after she was busted for her third DWI; hit and run into a car parked next to deputy did the trick – she should have just zoomed on her laptop instead of the highway

Pictured below are individuals arrested for Driving under the Influence during the period of Nov. 22 to 28, 2020:

Impaired driving accidents claim the lives of hundreds of Floridians annually. These victims are far more than statistics on a graph. They are mothers…fathers…children…loved ones. Their lives come to an end because someone made the unacceptable decision to drive while impaired.

Sheriff Carmine Marceno would like to show you the faces of those individuals who thoughtlessly and selfishly chose to operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. None of these individuals expected their day to end in handcuffs. None expected to have their photograph on a shameful social media post. Yet…here they are.
We’re out there looking for impaired drivers…day and night…on highways, boulevards and back streets. Don’t drive while impaired.


rom FORT MYERS NEWS-PRESS: An Estero High School assistant principal resigned from her post on Friday after she was arrested for driving under the influence for the third time.  

Heather Morse, 43, of Estero, was adjudicated guilty of driving under the influence in 2008 as well as driving under the influence with property damage in 2011, according to court records.  

Morse backed her 2018 Jeep Compass into a vehicle parked next to the deputy which caused the vehicle to be pinned against the driver’s side of the sheriff’s office patrol vehicle, according to the sheriff’s office. 

In 2017, she was reprimanded by the Education Practices Commission of the State of Florida with a $750 fine and ordered to not transport students for two years in relation to the two DUI convictions.  MORE

ID #253932 Race W Sex F Appx Age:43
Ht: 5′ 5″, Wgt: 140 lbs, DOB: 1977-07-30
Hair: BLN
Last Known Address: 11657 FOREST MERE DR, BONITA SPRINGS, FL 34135
Booking: #528159, Arrested:2008-03-21 06:52, Status,
Released: 2008-03-21 12:01

Charges ( 1 )
Counts Type Bond Type Bond Amt Not Set Bond Paid Case No08502540CT Court Sched Trial Date 2008-04-07 08:00

Petitioner and Respondent hereby stipulate and agree as follows:

Certification. Respondent holds Florida Educator’s Cerdiica± Number 825481 issued by the Department of Education covering the areas of Elementary Education: English and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), which is valid through June 2021

  • Employment, At all times pertinent hereto, Respondent employed as & Language Arts Teacher at Lexington Middle School in the Lee County School District.
  • Allegations: Respondent admits nor denies, but elects not to contest the allegations set forth in Petitioner’s Complaint, incorporated herein by reference,
  • Letter of Reprimand. Respondent agrees to accept a letter of reprimand, a copy of which Shall be placed in her certification file with the Depaünent of Education a copy of which shall be placed in her personnel file with the employing school district.
  • Fine: Respondent    to pay a fine in the $750.00    Education Practices Commission (EPC) within one (l) year of the date Final Order accepting this Settlement Agreement*
  • Limitation of Sccøe of Practice, Respondent agrees she shall have the scope of her employment to not transporting students or any motor vehicle z period (2) years, commencing upon the date of the Final Order accepting Settlement Agreement.

Settlement Agreement

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Violation.  in the event Respondent fails to comply with each condition set forth herein, she agrees that the Petiüozer shall be authorized fie an Administrative Complaint or a Notice of Violation with the EPC seeking sanctions against her Florida educator’s certificate up to and including permanent revocation of her Florida educator’s certificate and a permanent bar from re-application for a Florida educators certificate, based upon the Violation of the of this Settlement Agreement.

Costs and Fees: Respondent agrees that any costs associated with the fülfiilment of the Carme of this Settlement Agreement shall be her sole responsibility. These costs include, but not limited to: those associated with the Recovery Network Program (FOP) Ed

Probatious if applicable, The probation monitoring fee shall be held abeyance if Respondent is not employed as an educator pursuant to the terms of the Probation.

Force and Effect. This Settlement Agreement constitutes a.z offer of settlement of disputed issues of material fact until accepted and executed Wy all parties. The Settlement Agreement is void and has no force or effect unless executed pafiies and accepted by the EPC. If the Settlement Agreement is not accepted and executed by all partie* t-lze terms herein shall be inadmissible in any subsequent formal or informal administrative hearing o: in any legal action betvveu the parties,

COUNT 1: The Respondent is in violation of section  Florida Statutes> in that Respondent has been convicted or found guilty of} or entered a plea gailty to, regardless of adjudication of guilt, a misdemeanor, felony, or any criminal charge other than a minor traffic violation.

WHEREFORE$ based on the reasons set forth herein and in accovdance with the Explanation of Rights and Election of Rights forms attached made a part of this Administrative Complaint, Petitioner respectfully recommends that the Education Practices Commission impose an appropriate sanction against the Respondent 5 s educator’s certificate pursuant to the authority provided in sections 1012395(1) and 1012.796(7), Florida Statutes. The sanctions imposed by the Education Practices Commission may include, hut are not limited to, any one or a combination of the following: issuing the Respondent reprimand; placing the Respondent on probation for any period of time; restricting the Respondent’s authorized scope of practice; assessing the Respondent an administrative fine; directing the Respondent to enroll in the Recovery Network Program; suspending the Respondent’s educatoFs certificate for a period of time not to exceed five years; revoking the Respondent’s educator’s cetificate for a period of time up to 10 years or permanently; determining the Respondent to be ineligible ibr certification; or barring the Respondent from reapplying for an educator’s cen•ificate for a period of time to 10 years or permanently.

EXECUTED on this day of OEtobec


Commissioner Education

State of Florida



Re: Pam Stewart vs. Heather Morse

EPC No.. 16-0620-RT; DOE No.: 825481

Dear Ms. Morse:

As you know, the teacher panel of the Education Practices Commission reviewed the matter pending agamst you. ‘The panel concluded that you violated the Principles of Professional Conduct for the Education Profession prescrvbed by the State Board of Education rules and hereby reprimands you for the conduct alleged in the Administrative Complaint which is incorporated herein.

This panel, composed of your peers, believes that, as a teacher, you are required to exercise a measure of leadership beyond reproach. By your actions, you have lessened the reputation of aH who practice our profession. The profession cannot condone your actions, nor can the public who employ us.

The Education Practices Commission sincerely hopes it is your intention to never allow this situation to occur again or indeed. to violate any professional obligation in fulfilling your responsibilities as an educator. To violate the standards of the profession will surely result in further action being taken against you.

This letter of reprimand is being placed in your state certification file. and a copy is being sent to the Lee County School Board for placement in your personnel file.