Georgia: top cop of City of Morrow busted for DUI while operating police car

From CBS
CLAYTON COUNTY, GA (CBS ATLANTA) -The police chief of the city of Morrow was placed on leave after being arrested for driving under the influence in Clayton County.
Morrow Police Chief Jeff Baker is on administrative leave after Clayton County police arrested him for a DUI early Thursday morning.
Baker was also charged with red light violation, impeding traffic, open container violation, too fast for conditions, improper lane change, and obedience to authorized persons directing traffic.
According to the police report, one of the chief’s own officers made the traffic stop.
The report laid out the series of events below:
The officer saw a driver who sat still at a light for several cycles. When the officer walked up to the car, he saw his police chief asleep at the wheel and he was in a police vehicle. ….MORE

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