Illinois: Vincent Mamolella takes leak in police booking room when charged with DUI

Vincent Mamolella DUI pissed on police booking floor Riverside Il -80415

From LaGrange Patch:

Riverside police arrested an “extremely combative” man July 23 for drunken driving.

Vincent J. Mamolella, age 18 of the 4500 block of Wenonah in Forest View, was charged with DUI, driving without headlights, criminal damage to property (urinating), consumption of alcohol by minor and several other traffic citations, according to Riverside police.

Mamolella was pulled over around 12:42 a.m. after a Riverside officer saw his car stopped at the traffic light at Harlem and Ogden without headlights. Police report Mamolella drove away quickly from the officer and darted into a nearby parking lot.

The officer was able to talk to Mamolella in the parking lot, and the officer said he was “immediately combative,” according to the report.   …MORE

Riverside Illinois Police tweet out their DUI arrests. The names are not included in the tweet.

Riverside PD arrests male 26 of Chicago for DUI 2 14 AM after found passed out & drove off roadway 3200 S. Harlem. BAC .181












RPD arrests male/26 of Chicago for DUI @ 2:14 AM after found passed out & drove off roadway 3200 S. Harlem. BAC .181

Aug 4 2015:

RPD processing DUI crash/injury @ Delaplaine/Burlington @ 6:40 PM. Drunk had 4 children in car/several minor injuries to others. More later.

RPD arrests male/18 of Forest View for DUI @ 12:42 AM after stopped driving w/no lights. Fights w/ police & urinated on wall in station.