The following persons were arrested for Operating Under the Influence and incarcerated in the Harrison County Iowa Sheriff’s Office; Sheriff Patrick Sears:
Frederick Grant, of Walthill, Nebraska, on 2/8/2011 by Deputy Doiel
Sheri Finken, of Woodbine, Iowa, on 1/29/2011 by Deputy Doiel (3rd offense)
Dominggo Castro, of Fremont, Nebraska, on 1/15/2011 by Deputy Jensen (also an INS hold in place)
Tyler Swift, of Magnolia, Iowa, on 1/16/2011 by Deputy Doiel
Patricia Allmon, of Mondamin, Iowa, on 1/7/2011  by Deputy Doiel
David Smith, of Pisgah, Iowa, on 1/9/2011 by Deputy Doiel

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